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Winter Weddings in Texas Featured in The NEW YORK TIMES

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Keeping the Faith, With a Lot of Help-February 20th, 2021

Justin Blake Dye, 24, and Katlyn Marie Sustaita, 25, decided to simply keep the faith. They planned to wed Feb. 20 at Stoney Ridge Villa in Azle, Texas, and they did.

As weather alerts and forecasts and warnings poured in, Ms. Sustaita called her planner, Kendyl Martin of Everything Bridal, based in Bedford, Texas.

“Despite the once in a lifetime polar vortex of 2021 that hit Texas, the whole time we had faith in God that the day of our wedding he was going to take care of it,” Ms. Sustaita said. “What helped us hold up faith was that our weather app said it would be sunshine and low 50s.”

She told Ms. Martin, her planner, that the wedding would go on as planned.

Ms. Martin then spoke to the baker about coming to her own home to bake the cake if the bakery didn’t have power. And venue owners Missy and David Parrish “spent countless hours shoveling snow and preparing the property.”

Early in the week, friends and family lost water and power and the couple helped loved ones. Then, 48 hours before the wedding, the hotel where they had their room block canceled reservations because it was without power and water. “We rushed to find a new hotel with power,” Ms. Martin said.

The roads were safe again and the sun was shining on their wedding day. “All of our vendors showed up. The venue got rid of any remaining ice. The wedding went off perfectly even though only 130 guests, or half of their originally guest list, were in attendance,” Ms. Sustaita said. “There was not a cloud in the sky. Still chilly, but nothing a few space heaters, blanket party favors, a fireplace, and a few drinks couldn’t take care of.”

The entire experience left Ms. Martin feeling grateful and hopeful. “This couple’s wedding shows how resilient Texans can be. I am so proud of our state and how they handled this storm,” Ms. Martin said.

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